The changes and the evolution in security systems

Locks and keys have been in use by every human civilization since time immemorial. They have been known to be used since before the birth of Christ. It is needless to say that they were somewhat largish rudimentary wooden contraptions that were used for safety purposes. The first known wooden locks are said to have been found in Iran. They were further improvised and popularized by the Egyptians and Romans. During that time, only the rich who had treasures to safeguard used locks and keys. Therefore, historically, what is now an important security apparatus were once a work of art and a symbol of prosperity.

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When lock making was an art:

This classic invention of the olden days, therefore, makes obvious the antiquity of the profession of a lock and key maker. The fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries witnessed a locksmith aurora il architectonics culture. Eminent lock and key makers were invited by the churches and cathedrals, royals and nobles, to design special lock and keys. The idea was to create a cryptic latching device which at the same time also embellished the rich architectural designs of their buildings. These locks were designed with beautiful ornamentation symbolising religious hierograms or a royal regalia. The proficiency of these lock makers was not just limited to making and repairing locks and keys. They even created the components and spare parts of these devices.

What the industrial revolution unfolded:

The functions of the residential locksmith changed post the industrial revolution. The bulk production of metal lock works in factories reduced their job to just installing and fixing hardware. They were now only required to fix and set up hinges and lock for doors, gates and closets. The mechanised factories began to produce spare parts in a large scale. Thus, the lock makers were no longer required to create locks or the components required to make locks.

The wonders of modern technology:

Come the 20th century, the functions of the locksmith became more high-tech. The invention of electronic locks called for well-trained professionals to operate such systems. The mechanism of these locks is based upon electric currents and electromagnets. Then came the smart locks. They lock and unlock upon receiving signals from an authorised device. This requires special knowledge and expertise as well. Thus, there came a remarkable transformation in the role and practices of a lock maker.

The modern locksmith aurora services have taken a new form. Although the basic chore of fitting and replacing locks still remains their main job. They are now more involved in the strategy and planning of security systems. Here are a few modern-day functions of a lock and key professional:

  • Assessing and appraising the level of threat in the offing for the client.
  • Suggesting and designing the appropriate combination of security devices for the client.
  • Managing security systems and security policies for an individual or institution.
  • Installing and implementing a high quality locking devices and gadgets.