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There have been a number of locks that have been produced throughout history. The locks that were found in the ruins of the Assyrian Denver of Nineveh were one of the earliest records of locks. But with any great invention, there has to be one major big reason why something was invented or perfected. Inventions and discovery often go hand in hand. It took an apple to fall on Galileo before he discovered the term gravity. But this discovery of gravity will later have a number of applications in the science world. As with many inventions it is quite impossible to know when they came into being or who must have discovered them.

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Historians often have a way of contradicting each other. We will not bother about that though, we will just concentrate on why a lock invented? A lot of scenarios might come to mind and each of it could have led to this great invention of security and privacy. It could have been a peasant farmer in the ancient Greece, who wanted to hide his small produce from thieves or rodents. It could a be a Chinese emperor who did not trust his guards to watch over his silver and gold. So he elected his blacksmith to make an impenetrable vault for him. In either case however, it is crystal clear that the motive for the invention of a lock must have stemed from the need to hide or protect a valuable

Throughout history, a number of people have made quite successful attempts to make locks. The early Egyptians, crafty and hardworking developed the pin lock. Theodore of Samos invented an all metal key. But as with great inventions or innovations, there must have been one major event that will change the course of an invention. In this case, it was the a burglary in the sea –side Denver of Portsmouth in England that changed things for good. The British authorities set-up a contest for people to make a lock that could be opened by only its key alone. Jeremiah Chubbs made the Chubb detector lock which was an improvement on the lever tumbler lock. Chubb was awarded a hundred pounds for winning the contest after meeting the strict criteria after nobody was able to open the lock in three long months. Although I and a few of my friends will argue that Houdini would have opened it, in three hours.

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